Guide to Tanning~!

I'm very exhausted today after my gym routine,
but I thought that today's matter may be really important.
to Gyaru and to girls in general as well.
Of course when it's summer we don't have to think
about it too much, because we can just sunbathe outside.
But when it's winter
, we can't rely on the sun anymore.
What can we do?image


It's really easy option. You just go to tanning salon , say how many
minutes you want to use the bed, undress, lay down, 
click /start/ and that's it. Remember to not take bath/shower
 for at least 1-2 hours after tanning.

In order to protect our skin and to get superb tan we 
LOTIONS. They contain special bronzers and protectors 
to make your tanning session safer and more effective.
ProTan, unbelievably Black lotion

Of course there's many kinds of tanning bed lotions,
so don't buy a big bottle. Before buying big one try using a small,
 one-time sachet. They're avaible on every tanning salon. 
ProTan and Soleo one-time sample sachets.

HOWEVER, we all should remember about love/hate relationship
with tanning beds. That's true that they're very easy in use, 
and give even tan, but when you use them too much it
can cause fast aging (wrinkles are not pretty!), dry, burned
skin and... cancer. So be wise.


Lotions, sprays, tissues, mousses and a lot more...
This products are about applying them at your skin and
after short period of time your desired tan appears.
If you want to know how does it work I send you HERE.

If you read my blog then you know that I'm absolute fan
of Lirene, body arabica (cafe mocha),bronzer lotion.
I really like this product. It gives beautiful colour in short
period of time, doesn't create smudges and smells really good

while applying. My sisters told me that St. Tropez lotionsalso are
very good.

Lately I also very liked those Dax Sun, self tanning towelette's.
They are only for one-use, but great when you're in hurry.
They give beautiful colour in no time, and dry very quickly.

This products are great if you want to be tanned but don't
want to use tanning beds, but again, they also have
a bad side. The smell. Some people like this specific smell,
some don't. You must just try it to know

IMPORTANT: If you want to be 100% sure that smudges won't 
appear, you should exfoliate your body and moisturize dry areas.
You always should wait for self-tanners to dry off.


To emphasize your beautiful brown colour you should try
use bronzer as a blusher
miss sporty, Tan Up Your World, bronzing powder

Giving your lips extra pink or coral color also will create
'more tanned' effect.
Maybelline, Baby Lips
Tip: Coral color also create the same effect on
fingernails and toenails (and it looks super stylish!).

PS. I hope you find this post helpful! If you have any
questions involving tanning, please ask in comment section!

♥I think soon I'll post some outfit and make-up
related post. So stay tuned and see you next time! ♥


  1. W sumie to nie wiem, ale wystarczy pewnie płyn do szyb i zejdzie ten sztuczny śnieg :)

  2. Ja się wybieram do solarium już z pół roku... mam ten sam bronzer :3 jestem z niego zadowolona ^^

  3. słodkie pomadki a mm do solarium jak na razie nie chodzę ;D

  4. Wow I had no idea there was so much to know in Tan world.

  5. I think that I never have a sunbath in a tanning bed. I think is very artificial.

  6. Super pomadki a co do opalania generalnie nie jestem zwolenniczką. :)


  7. I think tanning beds are quite harmful and unhealthy, as it increases the risk of skin cancer, the truth much protect myself from the sun to get in a tanning bed and accelerating, aging and damaged my cells.

  8. great tanning information!

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  9. tego jeszcze nie bylo.. zeby sobie focisze robic w solarium... xD Miyako, zniszczylas mi glowe xD

  10. ja musze wziac sie za siebie tez. przez mje zwolnienie isiedzenie w domu troche przybralam, ale na szczescie ja szybko pale w pracy., szczeglnie teraz przedswietami, ze tyle roboty , ze nie wiemy gdzie rece wsadzic. xD

  11. I go to tanning salons kinda rarely (mostly during winter season) but I still love it. xD Never tried those self tanners, though. I guess I prefer the warmth of a tanning bed.

    Greetings from your new follower. ;) ~♥

  12. Osobiście nie lubię się opalać. Wolę być blada. XD A zastanawiałam się nad kupnem tych pomadek, ale w końcu wyszło na to, że ich nie kupiłam.

  13. great tips dear !!


  14. Jak można chodzić na solarium?

    1. Najpierw odkryj się z anonima to wtedy pogadamy ;)
      Niezły masz tupet żeby obrażać ludzi, których nie znasz.

  15. Nie byłam jeszcze nigdy na solarium, ale moze kiedyś spróbuję. ;)


Thank you very much for sharing your opinion~♥

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