I'm sorry I haven't written for so long, but
I had really tough time...Many things happened
and I just didn't want to write anything about myself .
The worse things which happened was losing two
very important people  and my final exams in school
But there were good times too.I found another person,
who loves me and I'm trying to sort out my life a little bit.
(and I had to delete few things from my blog...)

I felt a little bored with my hair and I decided
to bleach them blonde. It was very bad decision.
I looked like a shit...
I bought brown dye too, so when I saw what
I've done, I changed it immediately !
My poor hair....

I bought few cute dresses at  allegro.pl (it's a polish site similar to ebay).
{I will show you them later in next note}
I think that they are really cute, but I must buy matching shoes
to wear them...

What you think about those

I bought socks with frills to match the shoes and
dresses.Very cute and stylish!

I guess that I want look more cute and childish (yeah. I'm already 19)
My bf everyday tells me that he has baby not a girlfriend, but I
think that he doesn't mind it anymore

Ok. I guess it's all for that note.
Next time I will show you my dresses !

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