Winning Anya-Jang Giveaway + thoughts

Actually I got it a while ago, but I haven't got opportunity to write
about it (personal issues I wrote about earlier...)
First of all :
Thank you very much Anya-Jang for this giveaway.
I love your blog and I hope you will keep doing great job!
I got from her :
 Peel-off masque
 TonyMoly Tomatox Magic white massage pack

I already used both and I was really satisfied with 
effects. Unfortunely I can't use now Tomatox because I'm
using tanning bed now!

Other day I bought Purederm mask and it's almost like one
which I got from Anya-Jang. I'm sure I'll try it again!

And my Diamond Lash 'Gorgeous Eye' already are in my hands!
They sure are pretty... But didn't expect that they are so plastic and
stiff...I don't recommend them to beginners.
So I'm extremely tanning right now in tanning beds .
Must buy self-tanner as well.
I'm thinkin' about buying hair extensions again.
Must lose some weight (my current weight is 52 kg)
I want summer so badly! Want to tan and drink 
colorful cocktails! Just look here summer-land-tans!
Must learn to walk on heels! srsly!
I just looooove barbie look! This blog is such a
inspiration SatanicBarbieDoll!
Snooki ♥


February online shopping~♥

This is my first buy this month, those are called Slim Walk, Fuwamoko Bikyaku
long socks. They are supossed to slim legs while sleeping.
Actually I didn't care about slimming effect, but I just find those
socks pretty cute

Next are lower lashes bought on ebay, and velcro bow.
Velcro bow is very useful while doing make-up, cleaning
face etc. I'm using it everyday.
Types of lashes which I choose.
Actually I'm pretty impressed that those lashes are so comfortable
and so cheap! I'm sure I will buy them again in future~

Pro-tan, Incredibly Black tanning lotion
Actually I bought it while being in England, but I started
using it 2 weeks ago. I think it's really great product!
Hope to have dark skin soon!!! 

Sorry for long updates, but I'm having personal issues.
Now I'm in Warsaw to rest, so I maybe I'll feel better.
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