Xmas presents~♥

So Christmas Time is ending, but
decorations, food and presents are still around~
I'm very happy with the presents I got this year!
Hope my beloved ones, are happy with their gifts too? 
From my sis Kate I got :
Baylis&Harding, foot care kit
(fluffy sleep socks yay!)

Hello Kitty perfume
Hello Kitty shower gel
2x Hello Kitty Fan Pen
Hello Kitty egg holder
Sexy Hot Pants, hands warmer
~My collection is growing~

Lasocki, boots
Actually it wasn't xmas gift, but we bought them
1 day before xmas eve.

From my mom:
Leopard bag 
(no name, but liked it very much!)

And inside I found:
Some kawaii stuff from chinese shop~
Love cute things, so this was great present

Cute umbrella (^・ω・^ )
Also got card from my second sister, Iza~
She always sends me beautiful cards!
What a shame my bf and Iza couldn't spend
xmas with us 

Hope you guys had nice time
What presents you got?


The cutest game ever - Hello Kitty Online

Now I'm quite off because playing all the time in Hello Kitty
Online, so decided to write about it.

"the official Sanrio MMORPG with social network and social media features"

In the game you have many locations (Paris, London, Beijing, 
Tokyo, New York) and many quests to do! And what else we can do?

You can fight with monsters! But they don't die, istead
they just fall asleep! So cute~

Have your own farm~  Plant new (cuter) species of plants~

Build a house! But this one is from Dream Carnival (tutorial)
You can build your own house on farm!

Play lovely mini games and get rewards for winning!

Yay! Made Anthony Pinata appear! Let's crack it up!
Meet lovely people who will help us with quests or just
keep us company!

And much more...!

This game is not only for girls or for Sanrio characters 
lovers. It's fun for everyone and a great opportunity to meet 
great friends.

UNORTUNELY, HKO is not as popular as it used to be,
so special events stopped to appear... But we can all make it
popular again~ Just register and download the game
(Click icons below to register and download game)


First snow in December

It is getting colder and colder lately~ and 2 days ago,
when I woke up I saw that it's snowing!
Actually it wasn't too much of it , and today it's gone~
But it was nice view though...
Now I'm learning japanese (hiragana and katakana
Because I'm going to study japanese this year in Torun.
Hope to learn this soon, because from January I must study
polish and english to pass maturity exam again~
Can't wait to be a student
Old pic, because taken 1,5 year ago but it's better
than nothing~

Oh I can't wait to hear Christmas songs in the radio!
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