Warsaw trip and kawaii stuff

Hello guys, week ago I was in Warsaw.
I was with my bestfriend in hers mom house. It was very refreshing~
but unfortunely I had some stressful situations too...
It is hard to have a boyfriend.....To be honest I like 3City more, but there's
one thing which really made me happy... Chinese bazaar on Marywilska Street!
I mean... They have so many cute things in such a great prices that I have
totally lost my mind! I don't know how many pairs of undies I bought ...
Not only undies but...:

1. Two set's of fake nails
2. Two pairs of fake lashes
3. Adghesive glue to fake lashes(actually it's a eye talk...but I
guess it can be used as a glue right..)

Two cute bra's 

Stuff from Accesorize :
1. Cute princess pen 
2. Kawaii glitter stickers
3.Kawaii Puzzle stickers

The night before returning home was horrible, I couldn't
sleep and when I finally felt asleep it was 5 a.m. and
I had to get up at 6 a.m. Journey wasn't too comfortable either,
because it was very hot, and there were a lot of people
But at least i'm home safe and sound with great memories,
so couldn't be better! Soon I'm going to UK so
there'll be a lot of things to write about.

Have a great summer time !


  1. nie pomyślałabym, że w W-wie można znaleźć coś takiego, tzn. bazar Chiński :) szkoda,, ze nie japoński, ale jednak zawsze fajnie, dużo zakupów zrobiłaś ;DD

  2. Mam takie same majtki - te niebieskie z trsukawką (^3^)~
    Świetne zakupy, bardzo podobają mi sie te naklejki (^-^)

    ( d2304.blogspot.com )


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