My 20th birthday reminder~! 6.09~~

(LOL. Don't judge me. I have sweet teeth k?)
So because I didn't write anything on my 20th birthday
which was 6.09 (69 if you know what I meanimage). I thought that I'll share 
with you what I got from K. I really got a lot of perfect things from 
him, and it made me sooooo happy. Thank you

 Mohito, leopard print beret
 Mohito, leopard print bag
  Dove, gofresh deodorant
 Remington, Tribal Collection dryer
 Centro., quilted bag
 F&F, socks
 Philips, Satinelle epilator 
  BIOSHOCK INFINITE (yeah that's game)
 Mohito, dotted sweater
 Disney, Minnie pyjama
 Bielenda, anti wrinkle day cream...
 A lot of different face masks
 A lot of tealights
He knows me too well, because everything is in my taste.

And separately I got this Mohito necklace~ Lovely isn't it?

I also got lovely cards from him and my sisters who 
live in UK. I love getting cards~

Ok. Enough about past birthday. I wanted to show you
my refilled gel nailsimage which miss Magda made me.
They're in dirty pink colour and on my ring finger I have 
a little bit of glitter. If you wanna see more of her nail work
visit  HERE, and if you're in Tricity (Poland) 
I really recommend you to visit her~


Little summer reminder post ~xoxo

So it's been a while since I updated my blog... I just had to take
care of my life and put things on their right place. Since it's ok
now (I think) I'll try to update more often, and this is
small collage post to remind me of summer
xoxo and see you ASAP !

PS. Halloween is comin' 
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