Disney on Ice and Warsaw trip

 I'm so sorry for not writing for a month, but there
are many issues right now in my life... But there
were some nice things too! I went with my bestfriends on Disney On Ice!
It was nice show with characters and music from Disney~

I enjoyed it very much (yay inner kid in me!)
But I guess the price was too high....

Then the next day me and Kamila went to Warsaw.
For me it was trip to deal with some recent stuff.....
Of  course we went to Marywilska Street, and I bought
some cute stuff!
Cute undies!
Sweet bra!
Two pink bracelets!
I'm very happy with those things

So many of you asked me how my Diamond Lashes 
look on eyes. I must say that they don't look natural at all haha
They are plastic and stiff, but I still like them couse they
 create dramatic look.

Guess that's all for today! Sorry again!
And have a nice day~
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