Hello guys~
Just like always it's been a while since I wrote anything .I was quite
busy with my stuff in school, home and with friends.  
I guess I need a break already... But only few 21 days and there 
will be Easter That means only 13 days of school
(without weekends ).  To be honest I used to be depressed all the 
time But now I feel like everything is ok. It seems like I don't have
 any problems right now. Or maybe I just try not to see them ? 

Ok. So my new circle lenes already came.
This time I have :
Big Eyes ColourVue Sweet Honey 15mm
There were few problems with my order so it took a bit 
longer I was a bit worried about it, but I even got an gift~   

I must say that they look great.
I love the blending, and this colour look sooo natural~

With one lens on:
(haha! It looks like I had a squint)

With two lenses:

A close-up - one eye

And I saw that my contact lens solution changed
packaging.Now it looks much better.
(I didn't like orange wrapping at all )



Oh. And I almost forgot
Look what I got!

Eylure Girls Aloud Limited Edition :
Black packaging
White packaging

Nails :

Ohh I guess it's very late now... In Poland it's 1:23 p.m
already It's time for me to go sleep
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