Panties and accessories are cool~!

My sister visited me last week and she gave me
very cool present. My first Victoria's Secret panties.
The black one have little VS letters pattern and beautiful ribbon
corset at the back. And grey one are quite basic, but LOVE letters
are made from black lace, and it looks sooo beautiful.
Thank you sis
Cubus, panties. For me they are a copy of Victoria's Secret panties.
(But the quality is much worse)

Mohito, watch. You probably can't see but it has leopard print on it.
Got it from K. when we were in Torun City. It was quite a while
ago but still wanted to have it on my blog.
Finally bought protein shake Trec Isolate 100, and don't have to 
ask K. to give me his supplements.

Trec, training gloves. Of course I don't want to have rough hands with
calluses on it. Hands protection is a must.
Lee Cooper, knitted cap with ponpon. Bought it in Tesco haha,
I really like it, it's warm and my head is not itchy while wearing it.

Of course some quality time in K. car with McDonald's
Cubus, earrings. I really wanted them because they remind
me of Versace style. They are quite heavy, and sometimes
I feel like it's so easy to lose them...

So do you have your favourite underwear or accessory brand?


Guide to Sporty life~

Hi Gals, so from June I started taking Pole Dance classes
and from about a month I started going to the gym.
Just because of that I wanted to make my life more 
healthy and instead of being skinny I want to build muscles.
So here's my sporty stuff. Because shopping makes
everything more fun, right~

So here's my sport mixerBlender Bottle. I used it to
mix protein and carbo shakes. I must say I really love it.
There's a lot of colors you can choose from, they doesn't 
leak and slip out while mixing, and they are odour-resistant
(and I'm sure when you drink protein shakes then you know 
the smell which appear after some time...)

They come with BlenderBall, which mixes all shakes
to super smooth consistency

Clothing is also very important matter.You should wear 
clothing from 'breathing' materials. I wear my sweatpants to the gym 
and shorts for pole dance classes. My tank tops are suitable for both.
(you can also wear t-shirts for gym, but for pole they doesn't give
enough grip!) Also when I'm going to exercise I always wear 
my sport bra. It gives much more comfort and support.
Everything else-Domyos

Sport Shoes
I chose Reebok Realflex Fusion TR 3.0.
To be honest if I haven't got problem with my knees and
ankles (they are very weak) I wouldn't buy new shoes...
But those give me extra stability while using treadmill and
I'm very satisfied with them.

Bought this cool tank top from my pole dance school~
It gives me extra motivation haha

And we of course need cool bag to pack all of our
cute clothing and accesories I bought adidas because it was
pink and on sale~
It also is good to have sport matimages.jpg, when you want 
to do some exercises or stretching at home

Oatmeal for breakfast is a great way to start your day. It gets
your system started, and a breakfast without oatmeal just doesn't
feel right. And my last meal is cottage cheese with chive.
I don't really like its taste but it's better than canned tuna.
From supplements I take Glucosamine for my weak joints, and
some sport vitamins (the one on the pic are OLIMP Vita-Min Multiple
Sports. They are the best!)

Sometimes when I don't have enough time I eat those
high protein soups (ActivLab Master Meal).
But I don't recommend to eat them as a dinner.

And everyone need sometimes sth sweet to eat. So I chose better 
and healthier option - Protein Wafer. They are very tasty
and sweet (vanilla yoghurt is my favourite taste!).

Plus as I mentioned I also drink protein and carbo shakes:
TrecNutrition Isolate 100
TrecNutrition Max Carb.
And take: 
 TrecNutrition BCAA G-Force
L-Glutamine Xtreme

And here's my biggest inspiration  CLICK

And how about you? Do you train something?
How do you stay healthy?
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