~Feeling summer~ buys!

3Bit Pina Colada limited edition!
So I'm feeling like a summer babe already, and
try to buy as many things reminding me of summer as I can~
I couldn't update lately because of final exams, but now I'm here to 
give you as much positive energy in my photos as I can!

Let's starts from cosmetics~
Lirene, body arabica tanning lotion, cafe mocha-dark.
I wrote about it earlier and I'll write it again. This is absolute
'must have' for anyone who wants to get beautiful tan!

Miss Sporty, Tan Up Your World bronzing powder,
010 Hawaiian flower (The hawaiian Collection)
I needed bronzer and I found this hawaiian themed one so
I bought it immediately! YOLO right?

Sensique, Matt finish powder, nr 4 (but should 
have bought darker one...) 
I really like this product. It gives nice matt finish and smells 
very nice!

Wibo, gel like nail lacquer, 7 blue lake
I really like this colour, perfect for coming summer!

Three bracelets from Lokaah. They were very cheap
and I was looking for tropical themed accesories~
(Yes. There is Virgin Mary and Jesus on one haha)

Triangle ear studs▲ from Lokaah~ Again, very
cheap and though that they will fit to some of my clothes

F&F(Tesco brand) leopard flip flops!
I needed flip flops for swimming pool, so I though this will
be perfect~ I loooove pink leopard print!

, stripped blouse. I needed some basic clothes~

, GREEN blouse, and suggestions why it turned
turquoise in picture?

Reserved, tropical shirt.
Ohh I love those colours and tropical themed print~

I guess it's all for now, take care and
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