Joanna body Naturia Bath Salts~♪

Lately, I have bought three bath salts by Joanna:
They were quite cheap (2 PLN≈0,65$), but they are only
for one use, so I don't think if it's profitable ?
I really enjoyed the smell after opening the package, and
I though that water will have exactly the same colour as the crystals.
As soon as I poured it to the water, smell and colour
 disappeared. Well they were A LITTLE BIT noticable, but
not as much as I expected. 
Again, after opening the sachet, smell was very intense.
I liked it very much, because it was very sweet, pear smell.
Colour of the crystals was very nice too - light green.
In water, colour was still light green (a little bit milky green)
but again the smell disappeared. No aromatherapy this time,
so no relaxation for me as well.........

To be honest I was looking least forward for this salt....
I have very sweet tooth, and I love sweet fragrances  as well,
so this one is not very in my type. I didn't expect too much after first
ones, but I really liked the smell and the colour this salt had.
Colour was still very hard to notice, but smell was very 
strong!At least I could spend more time in water and relax.
Really liked this one, and maybe I will try it again in future~
Overall, I don't think if I will pick any fruit salt
from this line. For me it's not very worthy to try them, because
I'm aromatherapy fan. The smell doesn't last at skin at all,
also didn't notice if they made anything special for it.
Lavender is good for relaxation though~♫

Do you have favourite bath salt ?


Liebster Blog Award

Today's entry is about Liebster award, which I got from

Actually there's some rules to do this, but
I won't do last 4 points, ok? I'm sure you don't mind anyway.

1. List 11 facts about yourself.
2. Answer the 11 questions given to you.
3. Ask 11 new questions for the bloggers you nominate for the award
4. Choose 9 bloggers with 200 or less followers to nominate.
5. Go to each bloggers page and let them know about the award.
6. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.

1. My real name is Dominika
2. I'm mommy of two degus and one cat
3. I rather to sit home alone, than go outIn fact going out is
 pain in the ass for me.
4. I love PewDiePie. His version of "umbrella" is my ringtone.
5. I like read/watch facts about serial killers, shootings, homicides etc.
(watching photos of dead bodies included. not kawaii much huh?)
6. My room is full of Hello Kitty
7. I only listen to: my boyfriend, my bestfriend, my sisters and mom.
(only when I think that they are right, of course.)
8. I want to have nose surgery-to become a goddess.
9. Want to go to Disneyland in kogal uniform.
10. I'm very perverted person(srsly. I'm warped...)
11. I try to be cute, but I swear a lot and have rotten personality.

From Lavulin:
1) How tall are you?
165 cm~

2) How many languages do you know?
polish, english, german (shitty lvl), japanese (few phrases)

3) What is your favorite movie?
I love: Fight Club, Constantine and Detachment.

4) What is the beauty product you hate?
The joke called 'Garnier BB cream'

5) What is your favorite color for circle lenses?

6) Do you prefer flatforms or platforms?
I love platforms, but can't walk in it properly.

7) What are your favorite brands?
Sanrio (Hello Kitty holic)

8) Are you more fond on cute look ar sexy look?
I try to mix cute and sexy look. But actually it depends on my mood.

9) What is the first thing you want to eat when you are on a diet?

10) Would you dye your hair in a crazy color? ( blue, pink, pastel... )
I died my hair flamingo pink few years ago. Now I'm thinking about baby pink...

11) From where did you get your nickname?
My sisters were calling me "Miko", so I thought that Miyako is longer version
for this nickname. and 'the strange' ? Because I'm freaky and I like it a lot~

From Neko:

1. What happened that you created your blog?

I decided that I want to be gyaru, and wanted somehow
 to document it.

2. Which do you have more often dreams or nightmares?
I have very messed up dreams. They look like I would use
drugs before going to sleep.

3. What is your favourite season? Why?
Early summer - warm, and not too hot.

4. What you would never do for any amount of money?
Kill innocent person/animal

5. What is your favourite book?
Million little pieces by J. Frey

6. Do you watch foreign serials (not asian!)?
Not now, but I really liked Misfts and Skins (UK serials

7. What talent would you like to have?
None, I'm awesome even without extra talent

8. Do you often watch tv?  Why?
No, because I can find everything in internet

9. Do you like to travel? Why?
Yeees, because being all the time in one place is boring.

10. What was your childhood dream?
Be a model (lol)

11. How you see yourself for 30 years?
I try not to think about getting old ...

Yeeeee I've done it! I suck at tags, so please
don't mind if you tag me and I won't do it~


Being contest winner~♥

So this are stuff which I got from lovely bloggers AsiaEntertainment
To są rzeczy, które dostałam od cudownych blogerek AsiaEntertainment
I'm very thankful, that they added more stuff with Hello Kitty to 
my collection~ 
Jestem bardzo wdzięczna, za to, że dodały więcej rzeczy z Hello Kitty do mojej kolekcji
Thank you very much!
Bardzo Wam dziękuję!
And if you know polish, please follow their great blog!
Więc jeśli znacie język polski, proszę dodajcie ich blog do obserwowanych!


So I was ill for quite a long time, and still feeling quite sick....
I was in my old school, to give them my maturity
exam papers....
Bought new lashes, so when they arrive I'm going to
show you them~
I'm working at little buisness , so I hope soon will
entroduce it to you, gals

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