New Neo Cosmo lenses and Autumn stuff

Hello gals
As I wrote in earlier post I ordered new
circle lenses. This time I choose more natural
lookin' one : Neo Cosmo-Dali Extra Size Black
And by 'more natural' I mean that they are smaller
(because colour is not natural at all haha)
I bought them on Allegro-click
I got free Contact Lens Solution♥
So few informations:
DIA: 14,2 mm
BC: 8,6 mm
Water Content: 45%
Disposale: 1 year
One eye view (wearing Dolly Wink no.2 lashes)
               Colour: ★★★★☆ 
            Blending: ★★★★★
                   Size: ★★★☆☆ 
             Comfort: ★★★★★
        Enlargement: ★★★☆☆
                   Price: ★★★☆☆
But I'm very satisfied with these. As long as they are
comfortable and enlarge my eyes, they are perfect~

So I just started to feel Autumn Atmosphere,
light candles every evening, drinkin' hot chocolate, and 
colected few Autmn leafes~
Soon I'm going to carve a Pumpkin with my boyfriend! Must
start thinkin' how to spend Halloween this year~



Sewing: Kawaii sleep mask~♥

This idea is taken from
Popteen magazine~!
Things you will need:
fabric with cute pattern (stars, hearts etc.)
thick, black fabric (f.e. old tights)
cute buttons, satin bows (decorations)
1. If you are lookin' for fabric with cute pattern, go
to the secondhand and buy shirt for toddlers.
1. Jeśli szukasz uroczego materiału, idź poszukać w secondhandzie na dziale
dziecięcym i kup jakąś koszulkę dla dziecka.

2. Cute buttons and bows you can find in haberdashery.
2. Urocze guziki i kokardki znajdziesz w pasmanterii.

3. First of all, cut off the bottom of the shirt(that 
sewed one). We will use it later to create frills~!
3. Przede wszystkim odetnij dolną część koszulki (tą zszytą).
Użyjemy jej później do stworzenia falbanki

4. Put it aside.
4. Odłóż ją na bok

5. Draw the shape of your sleep mask on the fabric.
5. Narysuj kształt maski do spania na materiale.

6. To not waste time: At the same moment, cut two sheets 
of material. But be careful! They must look the same
6. Żeby nie tracić czasu: W tym samym czasie, potnij dwa kawałki materiału.
Uważaj! Muszą wyglądać tak samo!

7. Cut the shape of our mask from thick fabric. We need two sheets.
It's quite hard to work with tights (it will be rolling), so 
you'll have to sew it together...
7. Wytnij kształt naszej maski z grubej tkaniny. Potrzebujemy dwóch warstw.
Ciężko pracuje się z rajstopami (rolują się), dlatego zszyj dwie części ze sobą.

8. Now grab that part which you put aside before. Create frills and
sew them all around our mask like it's on pic.
8. Weź część, którą wcześniej odłożyłaś/eś. Stwórz falbankę i przyszyj ją
dookoła naszej maski jak na zdjęciu

9. If the material for frill will run out, just cut long strap
It's width should be like 2,5/3 cm.
9. Jeśli materiał na falbankę ci się skończy, wytnij długi pasek.
Powinien być szeroki na ok. 2,5/3 cm.

10. Sew it's halfs (in lenght) like on pic.
10. Zszyj dwie części po długości jak na fotce.

11. Repeat Step 9.
11. Powtórz krok 9.

12. Put a rubber inside part you just sewed.
12. Włóż gumkę w część, którą właśnie uszyłaś/eś.

13. Sew the rubber from two sides of the mask.
(Remember to sew it at the back of frills. Can't cover it.)
13. Przyszyj gumkę z dwóch stron maski (Pamiętaj aby przyszyć ją z tyłu koronki!
Nie może jej zasłaniać!)

14. It should look now like on the right image.
14.Maska powinna teraz wyglądać jak po prawej stronie.

15. Check if everything is fine from front side.
15. Sprawdź czy wszystko jest w porządku z przodu maski.

16. Place thick material on our mask and sew it together
where hearts are.
16. Połóż gruby materiał (z rajstop) na naszej masce i zszyj je razem
tam gdzie są serduszka.

17. Sew the part with pattern on black material (to cover it).
17. Przyszyj uroczy materiał na czarnej części (aby ją w całości zakryć) 

18. Decorate as you wish.
18. Udekoruj według upodobania.

Let's have cute dreams together



Tesco bath salts~?

So while wandering through Tesco. I saw those bath salts,
which looked quite professional . While buying them I didn't
know that their brand is 'Tesco', ah well actually they were quite
cheap (10 PLN ≈ 2,45€ / 3,16$).

Spa Salt - sea minerals 

It smelled fine. Actually reminded me a smell
of male perfumes, and it was quite refreshing. I really liked the colour 
of the water. Looked very luxurious (like turquise sea
 of Maldives~)

But it left strange stains inside my bathtub, so
I don't think I will purchase it again. Luckly it wasn't too 
hard to clean it .....

Spa Salt - fruity

I really liked that salt and unfortunely I used all the package 
already! The smell is so sweet... I felt like I could
 eat it! Water is turning pink after pouring it to the water so
 it was again a big, nice surprise! Skin is quite soft
after bath, and the small failing is that smell doesn't
last on skin for too long...
But even though will definitely will buy again!

Vintage Bath Salt - Orient
(with natural plant extract)

I really liked the package as it is written: vitage, and
oriental. But the smell was too strong for me (strong spices
or sth). My mom did like it, and I think she will use it 
as well... BUT...
I had to wait for a long time for it to dissolve... So for like
15 minutes I was sitting on little pebbles, which were
jabbing me in the butt....... 
I won't buy it again... maybe only for my mom~

Bought new lenses, and going to buy Lioele
cosmetics soon. So I'm very excited! 

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