Relaxing post - BeBeauty Spa bath salts review!

First of all - It's so nice to be back! Actually it was
impossible for me to blog because of lack of time and inspiration.
But MAYBE this time I'll stay for longer. Anyways... BATH SALTS!

BeBeauty Body Exprertiv, Spa salts are avaible in polish 'Biedronka' Store
There are a few different fragrances to choose from
(sea, lavender, lemon grass). I picked only two - lotus and amber
because they were new to me.

Energizing bath salt - Amber
The smell of this salt was very strong and spicy.
It reminded me of some strongly perfumed body lotions which
smell make you furious after a while. But was it a 
amber smell? Don't think so. I'm not impressed.

After pouring it to bathtub, water becomes really
beautiful. It's like orange-yellow, definitely amber colour.
Smell is not irritating anymore and you can finally 
enjoy it. But still it was too artificial for me...

Firming bath salt - Lotus
After opening its package I was very impressed! The smell
was just greatimage. Floral scent but still very fresh. I was very excited to 
try this one out. And I must admit that I fell in love with those
little, cute, pink pebbles. Just sooo lovely.

After pouring it to bathtub water gets pretty pink colour. I was so happy to 
soak in it (my love for pink is unconditional). The smell was
less noticable as I expected but I can't say it disappeared.
It was very pleasant relaxation time for me with this salt.

Will I buy it again?
I won't buy amber one, but I'm sure that me and
lotus will definitely meet again in future. Plus I want to
try other fragrances as well.

They are super cheap (3,75 zł = $1,24), so if you like bath salts and
they're avaible for ya go try it for yourself !
PS. How are you guys feeling Were you watching Oscars 2014?side_oscar.jpg
I can't believe Leonardo DiCaprio didn't win!
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