Hello Spring! But already waiting for Summer!

I feel so happy, because finally we have Spring in Poland!
Which means we can go out without warm clothes and coats~
Because of that I started daydreaming a lot about Summer, vacations,
beaches, tanning and stuff~ Summer please be here already!
Check out summer tumblrs!

Anyway, wanted to show you guys, few things 
I bought or got! 
Sporty hoodie and skirt~
Found in SecondHand, wearing it on /lazy days/

My absolute love right now, Playboy bikini!
It's really cool, and I love the writting on the back

This boots were gift at Easter(love you mom)! I bought them in 
NewLook, at sale! Love the leopard print

Actually I bought this flip flops at sale in Primark for £1
when I was in England... Finally will wear them soon!

And cosmetics love~
Lirene, body arabica (cafe mocha-dark) self-tanning lotion.
This is my no.1 right now. I love love love this product!
It's very natural and gives nice brown tan effect

Kiss Me, Heroine Make BB cream - a little bit too light for me, but it's ok.
Good coverage and matt.

Ardell, Runway Lashes - Got it from my sister Iza~ I'm really
happy because I needed some 'sexy type' looking lashes for barbie look~

Bell, Milky Shake lipgloss - it's ok, I like it's candy colour

Essence, 01 Frosted lipstick - again ok, nice colour as well

Wibo, Express growth nail polish - I really love it!This colour is great,
and is bringing out my tan!  (Having it on my feet nails on earlier pic)

I guess it's everything for now... Thank you very much for
kind words under earlier note... Break ups always are hard.
Again. Thank you! And see you next time
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