Sushi time

It was great summer break
Once I was at sushi bar called "Moshi Moshi".
 I don't remember exactly what included my
set, but there was nigiri, sashimi, sakemaki so it was
enough to make me happy. It was delicious ~
I was drinkin' cherry green tea and enjoying my free time

Later that day I felt like doing sth tasty for dinner.
So I thought I will make soya chops with rice and with lots of salads
I guess it was fun thing to do.

Alright, I guess it's everything
Cya ~!


Girls Generation in japanese

Hello sweethearts~
How r u doin'? Well actually I have now summer break!
But to be honest I don't feel like it's a summer time ...

Ok guys, everyone knows Girls Generetion, don't ya?
I know them too, but I wasn't a big fan of them.
But this CD is really awesome.
To be honest I rather style of korean music than japanese.
But japanese as a language is makin' my heart beat faster.
So I am really pleased with fact that music on this CD is in
korean style and in japanese language.
Couldn't be better~!

  03 you-aholic
  04 Run Devil Run
  06 Beautiful Stranger
  07 I'm In Love With The HERO
  08 Let It Rain
  09 Gee
  11 훗 (HOOT)

It's really hard toppic right now.
Ryan Dunn died in car crush.
What can I write? I will miss that guy.
I hope Bam will get through it somehow, because
it breaks my heart seeing him in current condition.



Waiting is booooooooring ~~~~

Hello guys! I just wanted to let you know that
i'm still alive (what a relief ! )
Actually my life is pretty boring now ...We do absolutely nothing
in school, because on Wednesday we have end of school year celebration.
I'm looking forward to spending SUMMER BREAK
Right. I must show you two fun things which I bought !

Alright, so first thing was pink Mosquito net "Princess"
Actually I don't have problems with mosquitos,but I love the
way it look so it was enough for me to get it ~
I hope my cat won't destroy it
(ok. she already did ...)
Next thing is HAIR EXTENSIONS~

Indian Remy Human Hair 55 cm (21.7 in) 

I must admit that I love them 
Easy to use and beautiful look 

It's everything for now~


♥ Secondhand stuff~!

Hello everyone
Gosh i'm such a lazy person
I should write no less than 1 note per week ...
But the truth is that I don't have too many things
Soon it will be summer break 
Alright so today it's Note about Secondhand goods!
On Saturday I met with my friend and we went to
secondhand for shoppin'.
Well people treat buying clothes in such a places as a shame,
but for me it's great way to spend time and find great things!
Just take a look

Well I needed a powder too, so I bought this one
(It was the most pale ... )

Summer is soon  so i'm trying to lose a bit of
weight. Keep your fingers crossed for me, okey~?


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