Disney on Ice and Warsaw trip

 I'm so sorry for not writing for a month, but there
are many issues right now in my life... But there
were some nice things too! I went with my bestfriends on Disney On Ice!
It was nice show with characters and music from Disney~

I enjoyed it very much (yay inner kid in me!)
But I guess the price was too high....

Then the next day me and Kamila went to Warsaw.
For me it was trip to deal with some recent stuff.....
Of  course we went to Marywilska Street, and I bought
some cute stuff!
Cute undies!
Sweet bra!
Two pink bracelets!
I'm very happy with those things

So many of you asked me how my Diamond Lashes 
look on eyes. I must say that they don't look natural at all haha
They are plastic and stiff, but I still like them couse they
 create dramatic look.

Guess that's all for today! Sorry again!
And have a nice day~


  1. so cute undies but this bra is just~ aww..WANT XD *^*

    and those lashes look awesome on your eyes o; <3 and noo...it doesn't look that fake^^c;

  2. Na czym polegało to Disney show? :)

  3. U...a co to za soczewki? ^^

  4. Jeeej śliczny ten staniczek <3 Gdzie kupiłaś soczewki?

  5. Bardzo ładne soczewki. *w* To prawda po zoo spaceruje sie lepiej, gdy jest znacznie cieplej niż teraz. ~

  6. No właśnie faceci przysparzają te problemy. >.< Te rzeczy które kupiłaś w Wawie są przeurocze. <3

  7. Disnehy on ice looks so cool! I'm glad you got to do something nice and could forget about your issues.
    I love the underwear, it's so sweet and sexy! great choice there, and the lashes looks awesome, they're fake lashes, so they are not really natural, but I really love that kind of lashes, looks aweosme with circle lenses, I'll ahve to try some some day //
    Thank you so much for your comment
    Yes I know, rolling with the mat looks like no idea how to do it, I didn't know either! It was hard taking pics while doing it so I didn't post any, all I can tell you is that it's so much easier when you ahve the mat in front of you, once you try it's easy to do, anyway, have a look:

  8. Śliczny makijaż & bielizna, ślicznie wyszłaś na zdjęciach :D.

  9. Fajnee czapki :D
    A makijaż genialny *-*

  10. you guyse are such cuties~
    and i love your make

  11. Rzygam tęczą! XD TE FOTKI SĄ TAK CUKIERKOWE, ŻE AŻ SIĘ ROZPŁYWAM ♥ Zajebiste gatki <3 btw. uwielbiam Twoje makijaże, są mega dopracowane :)

  12. Hope those issues goes away!
    Oh, Disney on ice. ;u;<3 Cute stuff also.

  13. Zostałaś nominowana do Liebster Blog Award http://thepinkugene.blogspot.com/2013/04/liebster-blog-award-denim-jacket.html Mam nadzieję że odpowiesz na te kilka pytań! ^^

  14. Oh my I feel you ;_; I also blogged very less last months. Life can be really exhausting. buhu. but probably it will get better. i hope so for us. xD

    I love the undies you bought, they are very cute *^*♥
    and i am a big disney fan too. i went to the beauty and the beast musical a year ago and it was just awesome <3

  15. Kupujesz soczewki na barwyoczu.pl, tak? :D

    1. Kupowałam tam na początku, teraz kupuję na http://optisoft.istore.pl/ oraz http://sklep.geooptica.com/


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