Winning Anya-Jang Giveaway + thoughts

Actually I got it a while ago, but I haven't got opportunity to write
about it (personal issues I wrote about earlier...)
First of all :
Thank you very much Anya-Jang for this giveaway.
I love your blog and I hope you will keep doing great job!
I got from her :
 Peel-off masque
 TonyMoly Tomatox Magic white massage pack

I already used both and I was really satisfied with 
effects. Unfortunely I can't use now Tomatox because I'm
using tanning bed now!

Other day I bought Purederm mask and it's almost like one
which I got from Anya-Jang. I'm sure I'll try it again!

And my Diamond Lash 'Gorgeous Eye' already are in my hands!
They sure are pretty... But didn't expect that they are so plastic and
stiff...I don't recommend them to beginners.
So I'm extremely tanning right now in tanning beds .
Must buy self-tanner as well.
I'm thinkin' about buying hair extensions again.
Must lose some weight (my current weight is 52 kg)
I want summer so badly! Want to tan and drink 
colorful cocktails! Just look here summer-land-tans!
Must learn to walk on heels! srsly!
I just looooove barbie look! This blog is such a
inspiration SatanicBarbieDoll!
Snooki ♥


  1. Gdzie kupiłaś te rzęsy??? Cudne są ^^

  2. oh wow thats cool! congrats

    visit my blog ^^

  3. ohw congratulation for winning these awsome prices :D

  4. cute stuff! congrats on winning :)) and your blog is really kawaii~

    Rae \(^o^)/
    Raellarina - The Ballerina on Fire

  5. What a lucky girl! Everyone is always talking aout thas peelmoff mask, and they seem to smell rally delicoius, and work really good, and omg, these lashes, I always love sch thick lashes, looks more like a doll, can't wait to see them on you, too bad they're stiff.
    About your random thoughts, your ahir is fabolous, is it extension as it always look in the pictures? Take care of the tanning, you ahve such a not dark skin, so be careful!
    Good luck with everything else, cute satanic barbie girl, lol

  6. Congrats on winning. I use Montagne Jeunesse(might've spelled that wrong) masks all the time and I love them! The peel-off ones smell soo good, but the smoothie ones smell better. I love face masks. I always get excited for Summer during Spring, but when it gets here I just want it to be Fall/Autumn already, because it gets soo hot lol.

  7. Snooki jest świetna :D
    Gratulacje wgranej w rozdaniu. ^^

  8. So good that you got it =)))

    I was reading reviews on these lashes before and although most of girls recommend these I noticed that on photos they looks a bit plastic =/

  9. Świetne rzęsy. Rozumiem że zamawiałaś zza granicy czy gdzieś w Polsce?

  10. oh! i hope we'll get to see your new barbie-doll look ♡

  11. Hi <3 Just found your blog!
    its very cute and I'm a new follower of it!
    Cograts on winning a give away, I never won one...
    I love Diamond Lashes but I think you are right, they are diffcult to use at the beginning ><

    If you want please check out my blog^^ Would be happy<3


    Have a nice day!

  12. visiting here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =)

    http://www.lonelyreload.com (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  13. I need to learn how to walk on heels too -_-

    I have a pair of gorgeous heels but I only wore them once for a wedding because I'm too afraid to walk in them, they're so high T_T


  14. what a lovely giveaway! i cracked up when i saw snooki LOL!!

  15. Zostałaś nominowana do Liebster Blog Award. Pytania znajdziesz tutaj: http://blueberrygyaruworld.blogspot.de/2013/03/tag-liebster-blog-award.html ♥

  16. :O your blog is so cute! i can see that you toke time to write your post because it's with emotes and gifs <3 i dont have enough patients to do that ~♥


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