Babbling about gifts and EGG

Hello guys
I'm working a lot lately so I don't have to much time to write.
 After hard day in work I just go eat something and short after that
I go to bed . Yeeeah so this is how I waste my summer break.
 I feel stressed now too, because I think that I won't go at university this
year... I feel like a loser... BUT NEVERMIND !
I guess I can't write here about things like that.

So my sister Kate came from UK to visit us and she gave me a lot
of things-from my another sister too
(they both live in UK with their husbands).

Take a look

  Belts from Primark
tommy girl perfume by Tommy Hilfiger
 3 pairs of knee socks with bows (Primark)
 Hello Kitty keychain

Lately I found some time to look through Egg magazine (May and June)
And I found a little room inspiration. I don't know when but I'm sure
I'm going to try do sth alike.
Aroma candle is my new must get

Okey and is there anyone who thinks that those ero comics
in Egg are strange ? I mean you look at 60 pages of cute graphics,
ideas of kawaii lifestyle and then you see this  :
 Well this is strange. Very strange.
It's quite funny when you see pages covered
in cute, childish stuff and sth like that appears...

Alright. It's very late now so I'm going to bed.


  1. skarpetki są bardzo słodkie i fajne ^_^ inspiracje pokojowe również mega kawaiii. Ale dobrze Ci z tymi siostrami w UK!!!!!! :D lucky you!

  2. hahaha ja z primarka wynosilam po kilka wielkich toreb <3 :D rzeczy maja cudne

  3. Where did u get that comics? ;P

    1. They appear in japanese magazine called 'EGG'


Thank you very much for sharing your opinion~♥

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