Hello Kitty mania!

Sorry again    I was pretty busy lately (just like always)
I spend a lot of time with my friend ...

He gave me
cute package with pinguin~
I forgot to take a picture
What was inside :
 Tablerone chocolate
 Hello Kitty thermos
 Hello Kitty socks

Later I bought absolutely adorable
Hello Kitty dressing-gown and HK pensilcase and pencils~

 Answers to questions !

1) Are circle lenses expensive ?
Not really~

2) Where do you buy them ?
If you're from Poland, go:
HERE(Opti@Soft store)

3)  Do you have Hello Kitty bedding?
Yes, I have

4) From where you got all those 'kawaii emoticons'
From japanese sites.
It's really not hard to find them, so don't
be lazy and try to find them on your own~

This is how my face look like with blue lenses

Ciao GALS~!


  1. Przeniosłaś wszystkie posty z tamtego bloga ?

  2. Puder jest super :)
    postaram się w tym tygodniu opisać zawartość moich kosmetyczek ^^

  3. Cute Hello Kitty stuff! U look gorgeous~<3 Too bad I don't understand the language... /w\


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