Few words about Rina Carolina and Popteen

Wow.   I didn't write here anything for so long 
Well from what I know there is a new model in
Popteen magazine, she's very young {only 12}
Rina Carolina ...
Well To be honest I don't really like her.
It's because her face looks strange and I don't think
it's good thing to work as a model in her age.
But ah well, as anyone likes, not my buisness

Next toppic!
One of my favourities  Dieting and losing weight
I read in Popteen that takin' hot baths
is really good for our body! We can lose weight, and
be a little bit healthier. It's great isn't it ?   

We can exercise in bathtub
It's a bit strange but a bit interesting too.
I will try it
We must just massage our legs or other parts of our body!
Bath should lasts from 30 minutes to 2 hours
And massage more that 5 minutes 
Guess it's everything. Cya~! 

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