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Hiya guys! It's been while, isn't it?
There wasn't much going on in my life for these past months.
Just school, work, pole dance. Nothing more, nothing less.
But still I really missed bloggin so I'll see how it's going to be.

Few news:
I have half sleeve tattoo. I'm really happy that
somehow I managed to get through pain
I'm now a big fan of Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead
TV series. Srsly go watch it now. Soooo good!
I'm working now as a dental assistant and learning to be
dental hygienist
Now I'm also attending stretching classes so soon I'm going
to do the splits (not much left to the ground!)

And how are you?image Are you preparing for the Xmas yet?


  1. Breaking Bad and TWD są super :D I fajnie, że masz half sleeve'a, pochwal się ^^ Ja mam aktualnie 2 małe tatuaże, a trzeci duzy zrobię wiosną. :)

  2. Good to see you're back! ^_^
    Oh, how great. I want to see more pictures of your tattoo. Please show more of it, okay? :3


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